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Barb has the knowledge, skill and insight to help you move forward and make positive changes in your life. From a simple reframing of the problem to longer term exploration of early life experiences and entrenched patterns of behaviour, Barb is able to clarify issues and find individual approaches to resolving them. Once we learn to recognize unhealthy or destructive patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, we can learn to create healthier ones. When we discover the hidden cost of suppressing or distorting our emotional experience we can choose to honor and express those feelings in more constructive ways.
By recognizing the value of mature and compassionate communication we can improve our relationships and get our needs met. In discovering the relationship between our minds and our bodies we can start to understand and alleviate our physical symptoms. When we learn how to manage stress and anxiety, recognize early warning signs of negative symptoms, examine our resources, and strengthen our resilience, we will move in the direction of wellness. These are some of the things that can lead to diminishing depression, stress, and anxiety; strengthening a positive sense of identity and improving your feelings of self-worth; improving relationships with yourself and others; regulating your emotions; and feeling more at ease with yourself and the world around you.

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