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The early years in a child’s life are crucial to healthy brain development with the most rapid brain development occurring in the first six to eight years of life. Children are not as resilient as one might think – they are, in fact, far more vulnerable to stress and trauma due to this ongoing development. I believe that fully educating ourselves on the emotional needs of children; being clear on where your children are developmentally (physically, mentally and emotionally); and understanding their behaviour are key to raising healthy, resilient human beings and successfully navigating the parenting years.
We need to mentor and discipline our children using positive, empirically based techniques that promote healthy development and keep their self esteem intact. It is equally important to be mindful of our own actions and reactions so we can understand our triggers and temper our own responses. This will make parenting infinitely more enjoyable. Areas of support may include learning healthy ways of communicating; positive discipline and boundary setting; emotional regulation in both parent and child; resources for dealing with challenging behaviours; learning how to recognize triggers; and coping with ages and stages that are particularly challenging for the parent.

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