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There are unique aspects to the adolescent brain and with that come unique challenges. Adolescents often feel caught between the demands of parents, teachers and friends and the demands of becoming responsible, autonomous individuals. This is a time when building a strong, positive sense of self can serve them well in navigating the daily stresses of school and life, and in building healthy relationships with others. They require mentorship in order to build resilience
This can include such things as healthy ways of communicating, managing their emotions, expressing their needs, problem solving, establishing resources, addressing perfectionism, focussing on the positive, learning to reframe, navigating social situations along with peer pressure, and dealing with conflict. It is important for them to understand their own brain physiology in order to counter some of the negative influences of decreased levels of dopamine including boredom, impulsivity, thrill seeking, and risk taking. Adolescents are wonderfully creative and better risk takers when it comes to problem solving – we need to help them find ways to harness those positive qualities and find constructive outlets.

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